C.P.C. Engineering was established in 1998 as one of the Group companies, and then it merged with C.P.C. Srl, a company specialized in all-round design in order to meet all the needs in terms of project development and management, from consulting on technologies to product industrialization strategies.

Established in the Motor Valley, one of the most prestigious and important automotive districts in the world as regards both car and two-wheeler segments, C.P.C. Engineering specialized in meeting the requirements of this particular sector, which is characterized by strong competition and the need to quickly develop innovative solutions in response to daily challenges for the technical development of products.

While maintaining a focus on the research and development of powertrain systems for two- and four-wheelers, the Engineering department specialized and extended its scope of action to include the vehicle structure, body panels and complete systems (assembled subassemblies). This department is characterized by an extremely high degree of flexibility and, thanks to its highly qualified design team, is able to meet the needs of a variety of sectors, defining “turnkey projects” according to customer specifications, from the definition of the product and its preliminary design to the construction of the equipment and the realization of the artefact.

With a long experience in design and continuing vocational training in order to keep abreast with rapid technological changes, our design team is able to guarantee excellence in the following areas:

Research and development of powertrain systems for two- and four-wheelers

Finite element method (FEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and multi-body analysis

Construction of prototypes

Testing, development and validation of powertrain systems

Prototyping and industrialization

Our strengths are the extremely high degree of specialization and professionalism that enable us to meet any development need, ensuring the highest quality levels from idea to result, and the technological upgrading of tools. The main design platforms used in the automotive industry (Catia and PRO-Engineering) are indeed available and fully integrated in CPC.