C.P.C. Modelling stemmed from a small artisan firm in 1959 and it is the core of what later - after a long and steady growth - became C.P.C. Srl. Immediately appreciated by Modenese companies for the quality of its products - multidimensional models made of wood or metal that allowed visualizing the part before its industrial production -, the original modelling shop has evolved over time, accompanying the rapid technical advances and availability of new technologies that were an opportunity to seize for this sector, particularly starting from the 90ies.

The company’s management far-sightedly embarked upon a series of important investments, in terms both of advanced machinery – e.g. the first 3D design technologies – and human resources, hiring specialized technicians and design engineers.

These choices allowed C.P.C. Modelling to become one of the most cutting-edge companies in the field of prototyping, able to produce products of the highest level, accompanied and guaranteed by an advanced quality control system, with very competitive delivery times and a high degree of flexibility to suit the most variegated market requirements.

Today, the department operates so as to overcome the concept of “modelling shop” as a supplier of single details: our design engineers work in synergy with the most demanding customers in a co-design relationship covering all stages of production, from the idea to the completion of the finished project.

The modelling department of C.P.C. saw the creation of F1, GT LMP, FLM and MotoGP engine models of the most famous firms in the world. Our demanding customers believe that C.P.C. is a reliable partner, able to provide solutions to the industrialization issues arising in the design of a component.

The modelling department also collaborates with the best European foundries to produce precise quality moulds and models, guaranteeing a final product up to the most innovative and competitive engine companies.