The C.P.C. Painting department is specialized in the unique painting of composite materials and aluminium for automotive-, marine- and aviation-related industries. The creation of this department stemmed from the need to provide a complete, competitive product - made according to the principles of quality, expertise and speed - and to meet the requirements of a wide and varied clientele, thanks to its ability to process pieces of various sizes and different types.

The quality of service is guaranteed by the use of cutting-edge equipment and technology, the experience gained by our qualified staff in the painting process and the continuous research aimed at developing innovative technologies that improve the performance of the products made.

The company’s aim to meet customer needs through the definition of tailored technological solutions is achieved not only by investing in the latest technology and the continuing vocational training of the staff, but also by adopting a careful environmental policy. Therefore, we chose to use the highest quality, water-based, solvent-free paints, and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) transparent sealers, which have a lower environmental impact and, at the same time, ensure that the colour of the product is uniform and long lasting.

The entire plant was designed and built by USI Italia in order to ensure the highest level of efficiency, and it is made up as follows: a preparation station with suction benches (6x4m); a preparation station with lift (7x4m); a spray booth designed with a convertible system for prototypes (7x4m), a painting conveyor with racks on a rail (from the bottom), a high-repeatability painting robot and internal lift, reaching a maximum temperature of 105°; two spray booths (6x4m) adjustable if necessary, equipped with a computerized air balancer; a spray booth (8x5m) with lift, reaching a maximum temperature of 105°; an air-conditioned booth for finishing and polishing (6x4m); a colour booth with an air recirculation system (5x2.5m).

The quality control on the finished product is a matter of paramount importance to ensure the best possible results. Before leaving our plant, each piece must pass stringent controls by our technicians that consist of a visual and dimensional control of the piece, using last generation digital equipment to confirm the correctness of the agreed parameters and their consistency with project specifications in terms of thickness, brightness, weight and size.