C.P.C. Srl was founded at the end of the 50's as a small artisan company manufacturing models for foundries solely made by the expert hand of the model maker, who planed and worked wood until every single piece was finally shaped.

C.P.C. Group - I nostri uffici

After 30 years of work based on commitment, loyalty and creativity that turned the original “Modelleria C.P.C.” into a well-known and appreciated company in the Modena area of that period, in the 90's a radical transformation took place leading some younger members eager to seize the opportunities offered by the rapid technical developments of those years to top management positions. The new C.P.C. Srl was thus started. It was a modern and dynamic company, ready to grow and wisely specialize in the most modern prototyping technologies and in the machining of metals and composites so as to become an internationally renowned Group.

To accompany the subsequent changes that characterized the story of the Group, with the creation of C.P.C. Engineering in 1998, C.P.C. Protoservice in 2003, C.P.C. Composites in 2007, until the most recent painting, metal machining and pressed carbon departments, there has always been a strong will to excel from a technological point of view in order to provide increasingly competitive and specialized solutions.

Using the most advanced technologies and materials available on the market, C.P.C. was able to create excellent level and performance solutions to respond to customers’ needs in a new and increasingly precise manner. Right from the beginning, C.P.C.’s customers included some very high level companies of the Motor Valley and the racing and automotive industry, known and appreciated all over the world, among which Ferrari, Ducati, Volkswagen group, McLaren, Lear, Porsche, Augusta Westland, MV Agusta, Salomon and Toro Rosso.

Since the 90ies, C.P.C. Srl was one of the first Italian companies to specialize in the use of 3D design software. By mid-decade, the company was already equipped with 5-axis CNC milling machines, and it was among the leading companies in the industry to introduce stereolithography and sintering for wind tunnel applications. The far-sighted decision to immediately invest in the latest generation machinery, such as Stratasys and 3DSystem, advanced staff training and new, young and qualified human resources, enabled C.P.C. to grow in a steady and structured direction, establishing itself for its technical, professional and economic competitiveness throughout the world.

C.P.C. Group - I nostri uffici

At present, C.P.C. continues to be a growing group more than 700 employees, 4 Buildings and a production capacity of 150,000 finished parts a year; it is a leader in the galvanic coating of rapid prototyped products and rolling of carbon fibre components with co-rolled metal parts.

On the world’s cutting edge in the large-scale creation of light and super-light structures through compression moulding of both short carbon fibres (CF-SMC, carbon fibre sheet moulding compound) and long carbon fibres (PCM, prepreg compression moulding), we use the latest composite material machining techniques side by side with the machining of mechanical parts, and perform simulation studies ranging from the castability test to the prediction of the mechanical properties of the component under study. Our high level of specialization allows us to combine machining techniques to create every time new and customized solutions.

We work in close collaboration with you to design the best solution for your field that will enable you to give an added technological value to your product, optimize performance and overcome the new challenges you might be facing with the utmost competitiveness.


A well-established and long-lasting collaboration with the composite division of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Parma University provided valuable technological support to C.P.C. Srl for its research and development activities.