C.P.C. Srl has the necessary technology and advanced technical expertise to support your company in the continuous technical improvement of your products, as required in an increasingly competitive market. Be it the automotive, aviation, racing or any other industrial sector, in which advanced technical solutions are needed, C.P.C. Srl provides an all-round service, from the design of the work-piece, to the realization of prototypes and models, to the manufacture, finishing, installation and industrialization of the finished part.

As an internationally leading Company in the galvanic coating of rapid prototyped products and the rolling of carbon fibre components with co-rolled metal parts, C.P.C. Srl is able to ensure the highest quality at all stages of the production process, as regards the machining of both metals and composite materials:

  • Collaborative design
  • Design of tools
  • Mechanical machining CAM design management
  • Mechanical machining with 5 axis, from small to large size
  • Rolling with our moulds and carbon fibre artefacts
  • Automated trimming, finishing and subsequent painting
  • Assembly of accessories
  • Quality control and issue of the relevant certifications

C.P.C. Srl specialized in the manufacture of joint productions with rolled parts in composite materials along with mechanical parts. Thanks to an extremely flexible production structure, C.P.C. Srl is able to carry out a complete cycle of manufacture – or mass production – of parts for all types of production in composite materials and metal.