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technological solutions

C.P.C. Srl is a technology company that has been standing out in the field of mechanical and composite material machining in various industrial sectors, such as racing, automotive, industrial and aviation, for over 50 years. Started as a small artisan modelling shop in the 50ies, C.P.C. diversified and expanded its activities over the years, becoming particularly renowned and appreciated in the field of prototyping and mechanical machining for the automotive sector.

Today it is the only European company able to carry out the full cycle of manufacture of parts in composite materials for all types of production, supporting the customer from design to delivery of the finished part and its installation on a vehicle.

By investing in cutting-edge technologies and advanced training, C.P.C. Srl has become a world leader in joint manufacture, where rolled parts in composite materials are machined together with mechanical parts. Backed by a long experience of research and development on the use of composite materials and structural design, C.P.C. contributes to its customers’ success in different market sectors.

For C.P.C. Srl, the art of perfection is the ability to creatively devise new, technologically advanced solutions as a response to the increasingly complex and specific needs of productive sectors in constant evolution, by applying in a wise and innovative manner the opportunities offered by technological development. With you, we will be able to create customized solutions enabling you to be the best in your industry.

Quality and


Thanks to a highly qualified staff, the latest technologies and the highest degree of specialization within the various departments making up our Group, we are able to quickly manufacture structural details and body panels with excellent quality and aesthetic results.

From 3D geometry, we are able to provide finished and painted parts, ready to be mounted onto the vehicle, ensuring all the quality standards required by the customer and specifically and timely responding to the customer’s needs.

We personally deal with the study of the project, as well as with all stages of its realization, from the creation of models, moulds and tools to the manufacture of the finished part, working with you as a trusted partner for the realization of your goals.

Quality and innovation